Lars Wikström - Artist - Printmaker



When my grandfather was a very young man he trained as a journeyman at a bookbinding shop in the small town of Hedemora. He purchased the shop in 1905 and continued working there until my father took over. Producing the leather-bound volumes was time consuming since each step of the process was done by hand.

I spent much of my childhood playing or working in the shop with my father. Although I never considered becoming a bookbinder, the years of intimate contact with that craft provided me with skills and experience which I continue to draw upon.

The first exhibition I had was in 1967. At that time I was learning how to make prints all on my own. Later I began to paint and explore different materials and techniques in painting and sculpture as well as computer art.

Now I am back again in printmaking. And at the moment it is quite enough for me exploring and develloping the woodcut technique combining several stocks and colours.

I use in my working process new and old technques combined. Digital photography processed in various ways, transferred to photo polymer plates and stocks, hand printed in old fashion way.
This combination of new and old techniques is for me an important process for binding together today and yesterday - to emphasize the continuum of time.

As for the content of my work I beleive that it is very much the same. It has to do with our conception of time.
Time is a remarkable dimension. Totally separated in character from the room dimensions. One can even question if time actually exists. Are we just captives in a conception created by our human limitations? Are all times existing at the same "time".
And in that case: What about future?


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