The eye of the wild reindeer? no, but a Mandorla…

A mandorla represents the form created by the overlapping between two circles that intersect. In sacred geometry it is a fundamental figure/shape. This almond- or fish-shape has been used in many religious contexts, often related to fertility and Godesses. To me it is a female opening, a Vulva, or a cleft between Worlds, between the sensous and the meta-sensous, between the consious and the subconsious.

This Mandorla is filled with black charcoal breeze. As well as finding it aesthetically and grafically pleasing, the symbolism of the Blackness suits my purpose: Time and Space structure our alert, rationell, consious and ’enlightened’ Life. The Blackness represents the opposite: the subconsious, sleep, nighttime, Death… a time- and spaceless chaos but also a potential energy/momentum. All that is associated with ’the female principle/aspect’, with Mother Earth. A listening turned inwards, a respectful attention paid to your dreams; behold Nature …everything emerges from, is delivered by, the Black Depth; the non-differentiated original state.

I suggest that whoever would like to see a magnificant vulva climb the Tower of the Dome of Florence i.e. and on the way up ponder the Gate of Hell carefully guarded by devils, painted on the ceiling there. …and which shape constitutes the old Stonehenge monument? Yes, that’s it.