The coming into being of a Labyrinth

A labyrinth is an entity; it stands on its own, something of a different nature. Initially you become pregnant with it, with its essence, and finally you will give it birth. This particular labyrinth was generated, created by heavy work, in Bispberg in May in the year 2003. In its previous life this ground has been a garden bed for potatos, and a flower-patch. Now it is laid out in a special manner, adjusted to suit the four quarters of the compass, a rose upon the land. It measures nine x nine metres. It is a gift to the Future.
A labyrinth invites wandering within, a wandering that might symbolize the Way of Life. A ritual way where the walk in describes the course from Birth to Death, and the walk out Rebirth. Or you may understand it as an inner journey. Possible interpretations are manifold. Might there be a male power in the Middle, connected to the sun; and is it not encircled by the moon-related helical female motion of the curving path? Be that as it may, the Greek hero Theseus did find his way out of the labyrinth, back to life, thanks to Ariadne´s golden thread.

One thing is certain: once you have completed your walk and reached the goal, the middle of the labyrinth, you will find one thing. Yes, your Self.